Can Quick Fix Be Reheated? Yes!

Can you reheat Quick Fix multiple times before using it? Yes, you can! Quick Fix contains Biocide Protection, which kills and prevents microbial growth. Our synthetic urine will stay fresh for months, even after reheating.

It’s important to use synthetic urine that contains a biocide. Biocide will prevent the fake pee from going back over time, especially after exposure to air or temperature shifts. Even opening a knock-off synthetic urine for a few seconds could potentially introduce harmful bacteria that can contaminate a sample.

Quick Fix Contains Biocide Protection

No other synthetic pee on the market has the proven success of Quick Fix. One of the reasons for this success is that we use a chemical called “Biocide” in our synthetic urine. Biocide prevents Quick Fix from going bad prematurely. Some other fake urine on the market uses irradiation or simply “UV light” to try and destroy any bacteria. We find that this is often ineffective, especially in cases where you are reheating your synthetic urine.

You never know when you’ll need to open or re-open your fake urine sample. Every time you do, you can introduce microbial germs into the synthetic pee. for that there is no quick fix, only our patented Synthetic Urine with Biocide Protection.

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