Quick Fix 6.3 Pro Belt Kit 4 Ounce


Quick Fix 6.3 Pro belt comes preloaded with four ounces of the world’s most popular Quick Fix Urine. Four ounces of synthetic urine is more than enough for most uses!

Designed to be functional and discreet, for those that want to wear their fake pee instead of tucking it in their pants or pockets.

Can be worn over the waist or on the back for the ultimate in discreetness.

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The Best Synthetic Urine Belt Available

We have engineered our synthetic urine belt from the ground up to contain only the highest quality components. Our bag, valves, and tubing are made from plastics that are similar to what you would find in a sterile hospital environment.

Beware of cheap belts that don’t come preloaded with pee!

Our belts come straight from our factory, pre-filled with synthetic urine. No need to mix and possibly spill your sample before using our product. Simply open the box and microwave. Slap on a few heat packs and you’re ready to go!