Quick Fix Synthetic Urine 2 Ounce


Our original two-ounce version of the best fake pee on the market. Our chemists designed Quick Fix to have the same basic properties of normal human urine, without the harmful toxins and bacteria. Quick Fix is safe to handle and store without any special precautions like refrigeration.

Quick Fix is reheatable unlimited times as long as it’s stored in an airtight bottle in a dark, cool place. It is the absolute best synthetic urine on the market.

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What’s the difference between Quick Fix and Quick Fix Plus?

Nothing other than the amount of product that will receive in each bottle. Some people feel the need to have 3 ounces, where others will make do with 2 ounces. It depends on your use of the product and how much urine you think you will need.

Why should I validate my batch before use? Why is it important?

Both products have Biocide Protection and are verifiable via our batch validator.

Verification of your batch is essential. We conduct ongoing testing as part of our quality control process. This testing verifies that a batch is performing within our standards for months and years to come. When a batch expires, we update the online batch validation system to reflect this change.