Don’t Buy Stash Underwear! 5 Stash Techniques Everyone Should Know.

Thinking about purchasing a pair of stash underwear or one of the many overpriced stash belts offered on the market? Don’t waste your money. These products aren’t the best solution for transporting and carrying something you want to hide.

Multiple companies have offered a product that they think is innovative or somehow unique. Some of them have even tried to capitalize on our trusted Quick Fix name in order to somehow convince the end customer that they are associated with Spectrum Labs.

The facts are that Spectrum Labs will never sell stash underwear or leg straps. Why? Because we aren’t in the business of taking your hard-earned money for such a worthless product.

Instead of using stash underwear or a leg strap, here are a few methods that anyone can do. Each of these methods is very low cost and highly effective.

Wear Two Pairs of Tight Underwear

It’s as simple as that. Before stash underwear was invented, most people just wore two pairs of tighter underwear like briefs on top of each other. Wearing two pairs of underwear will create a tight layer of fabric for anything you want to conceal.

Just grab a cheap pack of boxer briefs in a size smaller than you normally wear. Wearing two pairs of slightly smaller underwear may be uncomfortable at first, but look at all the money you saved money by not purchasing overpriced stash underwear!

The great thing about this technique is that your urine is easily accessible by just reaching down your pants. No straps to take off or velcro to mess with. Simply reach down and grab whatever you’re stashing. This is the simplest solution and the one that most people will end up using.

Make Your Own Stash Underwear

Grab some thread, a needle, and a square piece of fabric. Making your own stash underwear is as simple as sewing a piece of fabric onto an existing pair of underwear. It’s super easy and takes about 5 minutes.

If you’re uncomfortable with sewing, you can always use a product like Liquid Stitch, superglue, or even a hot glue gun to attach your hidden stash pocket.

Stash underwear is literally just a pair of underwear with a pocket in it. It is super simple to make at home and should only take about 5 minutes with the right tools.

sew hidden stash pocket

Get A Quick Fix Pro Belt

Spectrum Labs actually makes a fake pee product that is meant to be worn. It’s called the Quick Fix Pro Belt.

Using our synthetic urine belt is probably the easiest solution. Simply throw it in the microwave for a few seconds, slap on the heat packs, and strap it around your waist.

We designed our Pro Belt for those individuals that want to simulate fetish use with minimal effort. It really looks like you’re peeing when you use the Quick Fix Pro Belt.

If you have a situation where you need something instantly ready to go, check out our synthetic urine belt. We even offer free shipping to those in the lower 48 states.

quick fix belt kit

Duct Tape It

As if we needed more proof that duct tape (aka Kentucky chrome) will fix anything. This stuff is pretty good at strapping a bottle of liquor to your leg before heading to sporting events. We’ve heard of several people successfully using duct tape to transport things against their body or even fashioning small straps and pouches out of it.

Anything is possible with enough time, effort, and duct tape.

duct tape leg strap

Sew a Pocket in Your Pants or Skirt

Much like making your own stash underwear, it’s just as easy to sew a pocket in your pants or another garment. This is a great option for those that need to conceal something on a regular basis, like a passport or wallet.

You can find many different videos on Youtube about sewing a pocket into an already existing garment. It takes about five minutes with a needle and thread. We’ve heard of some people even going as far as to sew hidden pockets in all of their work clothes. That way they can be sure to keep whatever they’re trying to conceal, hidden with them every day.

sew a hidden pocket in jeans

Don’t Get Ripped Off. Stash Underwear is a Waste of Money!

There you have it. Five alternatives to buying overpriced stash underwear or leg straps. With a few dollars and about five minutes, you can successfully conceal anything.

So enjoy that rum with your coke at the next ball game. Your secret is safe with us!