Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Quick Fix Urine is the absolute best pre-mixed synthetic urine available that always works! Spectrum Labs has been the worldwide industry leader in human urine research and development for over twenty years. This allows us to create shelf-stable synthetic urine that is balanced for specific gravity, PH, and other characteristics that are found in normal human urine.

In a typical laboratory environment, Quick Fix is indistinguishable from real pee. This allows for scientific experiments to be conducted without the risk of exposure to toxins and other unsanitary conditions. If you are looking for an alternative to real human urine, Quick Fix is your best synthetic urine solution.

Am I getting real Quick Fix Urine? What about other cheaper synthetic urine?

When you buy Quick Fix directly from Spectrum Labs, you’ll be purchasing a legitimate bottle of our world-famous fake pee shipped out promptly and discreetly. Beware of counterfeit product that is designed to look like Quick Fix or subpar synthetic urine intended to be a cheaper phony urine sample. This cheap rip-off synthetic urine does not have the success rate of Quick Fix. Cheap synthetic urine often has a very short shelf life due to not having biocide protection, and the ph and specific gravity may be off due to lousy laboratory practices. The manufacturers of cheap pee often mix their urine in unsanitary warehouse conditions. They end up contaminating batches and providing headaches for the people depending on their cheap product.

What makes Quick Fix Plus the best?

Our Quick Fix fake pee is the only urine on the market with batch validation. Each batch number is unique and intended to help protect against counterfeiting and other fraudulent behavior. We conduct ongoing integrity testing for each batch of Quick Fix to ensure that it provides optimal results. If the batch becomes unstable over time and falls out of our internal specifications, we update the batch via our online batch validator. Users of Quick Fix can always check their batch on a Spectrum Labs website before use. This gives you the extra reassurance that your Quick Fix has been tested and will work as designed.

Biocide protection is a unique feature of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine that no other manufacturer has been able to successfully duplicate. Our patent-protected formula includes the addition of biocide, a chemical that is designed to protect against microbial growth. In short, biocide is a key ingredient that makes our fake pee shelf-stable for years, even after repeated heating and cooling. This is essential if you plan on keeping Quick Fix in an environment (like a glovebox) that is subject to temperature changes. Every bottle of Quick Fix comes with a heating pad, temperature strip, rubber band, and full instructions on how to use the product. It also comes with our full customer support available via phone and email.

Spectrum Labs stands by our products with a full guarantee that any synthetic urine we sell will be free from toxins and metabolites. You can rest assured that Quick Fix is the absolute highest performing synthetic urine on the market.

Quick Fix Urine Formula Versions and Batches

Spectrum Labs has constantly been refining our formula throughout the years to make it more shelf-stable over time. This includes adding biocide protection and batch verification. We truly believe that Quick Fix is the absolute best synthetic urine that you can currently buy. We ship our product to businesses and individuals worldwide that need synthetic urine that is balanced for pH and can maintain a suitable temperature range of 90-100 degrees.

The current versions of Quick Fix are 6.2 ( 2 oz.) and 6.3. (3 oz.)

Scientific Testing With Synthetic Urine

Quick Fix Plus is great for scientific testing because it successfully mimics human urine without the contamination of toxins and bacteria. We have multiple customers that use it for conducting experiments where human urine is either unobtainable or the lab needs a guarantee that a toxin-free sample is provided. With this sort of testing, laboratory staff can be assured that their sample is toxin-free and the correct pH level if they use Quick Fix.

Quick Fix Plus for Fetish Use

When you need a safer alternative for human urine, Quick Fix is a great choice. Most of our customers using it for fetish use want to experience this type of play in a safer environment than the real stuff can provide. Using fake pee instead of real urine gives your partner a safer alternative while also satisfying their fetish. The adult entertainment industry has been using fake fluid products for years to simulate scenes that just wouldn’t have been safe otherwise. Because purchasing Quick Fix is totally discreet through Spectrum Labs, you can rest assured that your shipment will never indicate the contents.

Diaper Testing and Other Product Testing

Diaper manufacturers have been using synthetic urine for years to test the effectiveness of their products. We provide a clean and easy alternative to human baby urine diaper testing purposes. This allows manufacturers of diapers and other devices the ability to test their products safely. Another use for Quick Fix Plus is with metals corrosion testing. Urine is one of the corrosive substances on earth. We have successfully supplied manufacturers with fake pee for testing metal coatings for corrosion resistance.

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