Spectrum Labs Hand Warmers – Five Pack


Spectrum Labs hand warmers are air activated heat pads, perfect for warming your hands, feet, or fake pee. Sold as a pack of 5. Each pad is individually wrapped.

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Introducing the Spectrum Labs 5-pack Hand Warmers – your reliable companions for staying warm and ensuring optimal temperatures for various needs. These air-activated heat pads come in a convenient pack of 5, individually wrapped for on-the-go warmth wherever and whenever you need it.

Designed for versatility, Spectrum Labs Hand Warmers provide comforting heat for your hands, feet, or even your synthetic pee. Their compact and portable nature makes them an ideal solution for outdoor activities, chilly days, or situations where a discreet and reliable heat source is essential.

Specially tailored to complement our Quick Fix Fake Pee, these hand warmers play a crucial role in the preparation process. When it’s time to use your Quick Fix, simply activate one of the hand warmers and wrap it securely around the synthetic pee bottle. This ensures that your Quick Fix reaches and maintains the ideal temperature. For whenever the temperature is in question.

With Spectrum Labs Hand Warmers, you gain the confidence that your Quick Fix will consistently perform at its best. Whether you’re facing cold weather, unexpected situations, or simply seeking warmth during outdoor adventures, these hand warmers are your dependable solution. Stay warm, stay prepared, and trust Spectrum Labs for quality and reliability in every situation.


1. Unwrap the Hand Warmer: Remove the hand warmer from its packaging. Some hand warmers come individually wrapped, and others might be part of a larger package.
2. Expose to Air: Most hand warmers work by reacting with the oxygen in the air. Once unwrapped, expose the hand warmer to the air.
3. Shake or Knead: Some hand warmers require a bit of physical agitation to kickstart the chemical reaction. Shake the hand warmer or knead it with your hands to distribute the ingredients evenly.
4. Wait for Activation: Allow the hand warmer a few minutes to reach its optimal temperature. The chemical reaction generates heat, and you'll start to feel warmth spreading through the hand warmer.
5. Dispose Properly: After use, dispose of the hand warmer according to the manufacturer's instructions. Some hand warmers can be thrown away with regular household waste, while others may require special disposal methods.
Tips: Avoid puncturing or tearing the hand warmer, as this could expose the contents prematurely.
If the hand warmer has an adhesive side, peel off the backing before attaching it to clothing.