Do Labs Test for Biocide in Synthetic Urine?

Quick Fix Urine lab Testing

Our Quick Fix Urine is synthetic urine that is identical to the real thing in every way. Our brand of fake pee is designed to be identical and contain many of the things found in real urine — from nitrates to traces of urea and uric acid.

If you are using our synthetic urine, you may already utilize this feature, especially for product tests. You may also be using the product to calibrate urine testing devices or methods with something close to the real thing.

Spectrum Labs updates the formula for Quick Fix regularly to ensure that it remains at the forefront of advancements in synthetic urine technology and stays ahead of lab testing standards.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine also contains a biocide. A biocide acts as a preservative to increase the shelf life of urine before you use it. This means that it can be stored without refrigeration, unlike real urine that is generated in the human body.

With that in mind, you may be wondering if biocides show up on a standard urine test. Technically, labs can test for anything. Whether they do or not is a different question.

Biocide-revealing tests can cost a lab thousands of dollars for just a single test. Yes. One sample. The costs are enough to dissuade labs from ever testing for biocides and other preservative compounds. In other words, labs are not testing for biocides. Doing so would not be cost-effective.

How Does a Biocide Work?

Biocides are one of several chemical substances used for chemical safety and preservation. According to, biocides work by eliminating the growth of microorganisms in a given substance or on a surface.

Biocides often include chemical preservatives. However, more substances have made their way to the OECD’s list of biocides. At the time of writing, biocides now include:

Biocides that work on chemicals or liquid solvents are widely used. Using such biocides prevents the growth of putrefying and rancidifying fungi and algae. The growth of algae and fungi can radically shorten the shelf life of a certain substance — both organic and inorganic. With the use of biocide, a liquid substance like fake pee can stay viable, fresh, and useful for much longer. In other words, fake urine does not go foul as quickly.

Testing For Biocides is Extremely Expensive

Biocide testing is expensive. A test for just one sample costs over $1000, and this is on the low side. Higher-end tests cost upwards of about $2000. Some laboratories test for biocides through third-party labs. They simply aren’t set up to test for biocides.

Third-party testing involves sending samples to a laboratory that offers a wide spectrum of GC/MS testing as a service. Since each batch of urine samples incurs a testing cost, many laboratories will wait until enough samples are collected to maximize the testing fee.

As mentioned earlier, biocide testing is highly specific. For its specificity, it is not a test carried out by many laboratories.

What About “Biocide Free” Urine?

Urine marketed as “Biocide Free” is simply just marketing. For years, Spectrum Labs has been the industry-leading company for artificial urine. Our in-house chemists have perfected the art of creating urine that is viable for scientific research. The presence of biocide has no impact on the final testing of urine or its use in scientific research.

Some synthetic urine manufacturers have even gone as far as posting anonymously on the internet that the presence of Biocide will create problems in laboratories. Rest assured, you want Biocide in your urine. Having a preservative that keeps urine from going bad is critical. Rancid urine will present an issue at any laboratory.

You should stay away from any urine that is biocide-free. Even the smallest amount of bacteria in the product will likely cause big problems for you.

It’s Undetectable

Quick Fix synthetic urine prides itself on being completely undetectable in a lab setting. Through a meticulously crafted formula, Quick Fix by Spectrum Labs has achieved a groundbreaking resemblance to natural, human urine.

Our advanced blend of ingredients successfully mimics the composition, appearance, and chemical properties of organic urine to an exceptional degree. Incorporating essential components such as uric acid, creatinine, urea, ammonia, sulfates, phosphates, and various other chemical compounds, Quick Fix is virtually indistinguishable from the urine your body produces naturally.

Moreover, it accurately replicates crucial factors like specific gravity, pH balance, and coloration. The only distinction lies in the absence of toxins or bacteria often present in actual urine, rendering Quick Fix a safer alternative.

Notably, during the most thorough laboratory examinations, Quick Fix remains undetectable, showcasing its superior efficacy in successfully replicating human urine.

Commonly Asked Questions:

  1. Where can Quick Fix Urine be purchased? Quick Fix synthetic urine can be conveniently purchased from various sources. There are different options available depending on your preferences and needs. Here are several places where you can buy Quick Fix synthetic urine:

2. Who Uses Synthetic Urine?

The main customers of Quick Fix synthetic urine may come as a surprise to many, as it is often associated with its novelty uses for wet sex simulation or pranks among friends. However, the largest group of customers for Quick Fix are professional laboratories.

These laboratories, including Spectrum Labs, rely on Quick Fix for a variety of purposes, such as research, testing, and experiments. One crucial reason for the continuous upgrades of Quick Fix’s formula is to ensure that it adheres to the evolving testing standards set by these laboratories.

Quick Fix is so similar to real urine that it is even utilized as a control sample for calibrating urinalysis equipment in urine testing laboratories worldwide. This demonstrates the high level of accuracy and reliability that Quick Fix offers in replicating human urine.

Interestingly, even under the closest scrutiny in a laboratory setting, Quick Fix remains undetectable. Therefore, irrespective of the intended usage, Quick Fix synthetic urine can be confidently relied upon as the perfect substitute for real urine, fulfilling the needs of professionals across various laboratory settings.

3. How close is Quick Fix to real urine?

The primary difference is that Quick Fix is devoid of any toxins or bacteria typically present in authentic urine, making it a safer alternative for various intended uses.

In Conclusion: Quick Fix Works

You should not be concerned about the presence of Biocide in Quick Fix Synthetic Urine. We are the leading synthetic urine and stand by all of our products. Rest assured that a valid batch of Quick Fix will work just like the real thing.

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