A Complete Guide To Using Urine Strips in 2024

Synthetic Urine may seem like a silly subject, but it actually has a big purpose in millions of lives. Getting the right synthetic urine is crucial to an individual’s lifestyle which is why we are very adamant about using Quick Fix Urine specifically. Not only has their fake urine been the most favored by people all over the world, but it also has the highest standards for the formula and manufacturing process. 

When you purchase Quick Fix or its family of products, it has all of the necessities already inside for users. All prefilled urine bottles have an adhesive thermometer – sometimes referred to as a urine strip for short. Getting the right temperature reading on the urine strip is crucial for success since pee naturally comes out at body temperature. 

Our synthetic products all contain a heat pad that can be attached to its urine bottle to keep it warm for five hours. Be sure to place the heat pad on the opposite side of the urine temperature strip. It’s very important to have a bottle with temperature strips on it. 

Quick Fix Urine can be reheated multiple times unlike competitors. That means it can be put through a microwave multiple times throughout the year – and the urine bottle’s temperature strip will work again and again! 

We guarantee our urine bottle has a temperature strip placed on it already! Check out all of our products now!

What Are Urine Temperature Strips?

A urine bottle with temperature strip combo is out of convenience for the customer.  The urine strips for temperature measuring are very thin and change colors as the temperature strip detects heat. Typically, all urine temperature strips follow the same heat indicating color code. Starting with yellow, to green, to turning a dark blue as the temperature rises. The color of the temperature strip should be green and be around the 96 – 98 degrees Fahrenheit mark. 

Sometimes, if heated too excessively, the temperature strip will appear black, but as it cools – within a minute it will start shining its colors correctly! 

These mini temperature strips can work on other items to detect and display the temperature however, Quick Fix has always used temperature strips for the urine bottle. The small temp strips have a big role, intending the use for synthetic urine because having warm urine is important to users with a pee fetish. People can lawfully use the urine on a nicotine test. So next time you see an empty bottle with a temperature strip on it, just know it is most likely for some nice, warm (fake) urine.

Fetish Urine

How To Heat Synthetic Urine Correctly

If you are using Spectrum Labs branded fake urine, whether it is a bottle of urine or belt kit, microwaving the synthetic pee for 10 seconds is plenty for all of them. Remember, if the urine temperature strip is black after heating, give it time to cool. 

Make sure to attach the heat pack to the back of the bottle or if it is the belt’s bladder, place the heat pack above the temperature strip. To get an accurate reading of the synthetic urine solution, it’s important to not have the heat pack distorting the possible temperature. 

Use the rubber band provided or your own method, like tape, to keep the handwarmer (heat pack) secured to the urine bottle. The Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit does not include a rubber band because its heat pack has an adhesive side to stick on the bladder. 

Following these directions ensures success on your big day! Temperature strips for urine is a must have, just like the hand warmers. Our urine has the highest customer satisfaction and success rate, so don’t risk any other brands! Our pee is the industry leader because we care about the product unlike many competitors who make cheap formulas for a quick buck. 

Looking For Temperature Strips and Urine?

Look no further! We’ve got you covered! A urine bottle with a temperature strip is included with all of our synthetic pee options. The award-winning, premixed formula is already inside the bottle with each purchase, no need to fill an empty bottle yourself! 

What are all the synthetic urine products with temperature strips? First is a pre-filled 2-ounce bottle, convenient as a backup and for travel. Inside our box includes a squirt cap, the temperature strip on the urine bottle, a heat pack and rubber band (the directions and batch code for the 2-ounce are on the slip of paper included). 

Next up is the 3-ounce urine bottle with a temperature strip, rubber band, and heat pack also! The package comes with a convenient QR code to find instructions and verify your batch easily!

The final synthetic urine found here is the Belt Kit! This box contains a prefilled bladder of the best synthetic urine. Attached to the bladder is the flexible belt straps and a tube to simulate peeing for real. Be sure to keep the clamps closed until you are ready to go!

Don’t forget to grab any accessories to keep your day as simple and easy as possible! Presented on our shop page are the Ankle Strap, Leg Strap, Briefs, and extra hand warmers!

The wearables are meant to make traveling with your bottle of urine more convenient and discreet. Extra hand warmers are a great backup for when you end up not using your synthetic pee. The Quick Fix formula is the most reliable synthetic pee to be reheated multiple times without going bad! Just be sure to use it within 2 years!

Temperature Strip For Urine Conclusion

Don’t settle for a brand that doesn’t include a temperature strip with their fake urine. Having a temperature strip to confidently know the warmness of your synthetic pee will make or break your experience! Get Quick Fix Synthetic Urine every time! Shop Now!