Introducing the Quick Fix Leg Strap: Your Ultimate Travel Solution

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What is Fake Pee and why you need it

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Quick Fix: The Best Synthetic Urine for over Three Decades

For more than thirty years, Quick Fix® synthetic urine has remained a beacon of trust and dependability in the realm of fake pee products. A name that resonates with quality, it's no surprise that customers consistently request Quick Fix® by name. Spectrum Labs, the proud creator of Quick Fix fake… Read more

The Quick Fix Ankle Strap: Your Ultimate Companion for Convenience and Security

The Quick Fix Ankle Strap emerges as a game-changing solution that seamlessly blends comfort and cutting-edge design. As life becomes increasingly fast-paced, it's crucial to have products that not only keep up but also enhance your experience. The Quick Fix Ankle Strap does just that, and more. Shop Now Seamless… Read more

A Better Bottle for the Best Synthetic Brand

A Better Bottle for the Best Synthetic Brand Spectrum Labs has always been dedicated to delivering the best user experience, and our commitment to innovation is a testament to why we are the most trusted synthetic pee in the industry. In line with this commitment, we are thrilled to unveil… Read more

Where Can I Buy Synthetic Urine Near Me?

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Do Labs Test for Biocide in Synthetic Urine?

Our Quick Fix Urine is synthetic urine that is identical to the real thing in every way. Our brand of fake pee is designed to be identical and contain many of the things found in real urine — from nitrates to traces of urea and uric acid. If you are… Read more

Scientific Uses for Synthetic Urine

When we think about synthetic urine, what comes to mind almost instantaneously is that it’s an item used for pranks. That’s understandable given its nature. Synthetic urine, however, is more than just a novelty item. As a matter of fact, the development of fake pee is a tremendous help in… Read more

Can Quick Fix Be Reheated? Yes!

Can you reheat Quick Fix multiple times before using it? Yes, you can! Quick Fix contains Biocide Protection, which kills and prevents microbial growth. Our synthetic urine will stay fresh for months, even after reheating. It's important to use synthetic urine that contains a biocide. Biocide will prevent the fake… Read more