Learn All About Fetish Urine and Its Uses in 2024

What is Fetish Urine?

Fetish urine is fake pee that’s used for, you guessed it, pee fetishes. The fake urine is supposed to take the place of real human urine during “play time” due to the cleanliness factor. Real urine may come out sterile, but it can quickly be contaminated by air and other bacteria. 

This is why it is important to use fetish pee with a biocide in it. To this date (and it’s 2024 right now), Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is the only brand to contain a biocide – which prevents any bacteria from being able to grow inside the pee sample. This is also the reason why Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is the only reliable brand for when it comes to reheating any unused fetish urine. 

Other brands of fake pee include Monkey Flask, also referred to as Monkey Whiz, Agent X, UPass, Smart Choice, and XStream. However, none of them contain biocide and expire sooner than Quick Fix’s fetish urine because of it; so it’s wise to pick the safest and most popular choice of synthetic fetish urine.  

The #1 Fetish Pee is so realistic to human urine, it is used for product and test calibrating. These fake fetish pee products have all the same characteristics as a person’s urine. The color, smell, taste (just kidding, do not taste any fake fetish urine), and appearance of foaming bubbles make it undetectable as fake pee. 

Typically, those with a pee fetish enjoy the warm, wet feeling all over them – and we’re not here to judge! It’s a safety precaution to use fake fetish urine, so we definitely recommend it. Do not take the risk of transmitting something harmful to your partner!

After sex play, be sure to wash off the fetish urine from your skin. Do not ingest fake urine of any kind – it’s for external use only. 

Fetish Urine Near Me

You can find fetish urine here, quickfixurine.com! You don’t even need to leave your house or speak to a human! We have standard shipping options but also, we can overnight your delivery if you need it as soon as possible! 

Other places you can possibly find fetish urine nearby is in a smoke shop. Not every smoke shop will supply fetish urine, but larger smoke shops will normally have it. If you live in a city or suburb, you most likely live near a smoke shop to find fetish urine near you. However, in states or rural areas where smoke shops are not common, it’s best to get your fetish pee online. Our website supplies fetish urine that is directly from the manufacturer, so customers get the freshest batch every time they buy on our website. 

It’s important to buy synthetic fetish urine from a reputable smoke shop or online store. Amazon and eBay have both been known to supply expired fetish urine. 

How To Use Fetish Urine

Most of the time, people want fetish pee in a jiffy, good thing it’s premixed! To get the most favorable results out of your fetish urine, be sure to follow the directions – luckily, they are simple! 

After purchasing your fetish pee, be sure to remove it from its packaging and place the bottle in the microwave for 10 seconds. It’s recommended to twist the cap off and place it back on to help prevent accidental spillage. 

The temperature strip should be green and around 98 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature strip is still back when you take the fetish pee out, leave it alone to cool. 

To prevent the fake urine from cooling before you want to use it, be sure to activate the hand warmer thirty minutes before use. Attach the rubber band provided to secure the heat warmer to the bottle. The heat pack works for up to 5 hours. 

Synthetic Urine Temperature Sensitivity

More About Fetish Pee

Millions of individuals are purchasing fetish urine every year, so no need to be ashamed about your pee fetish! Some of those millions are using it for slightly different purposes like product testing or control samples but we do not recommend using it for any illegal purposes. 

You can buy America’s most popular synthetic urine in a 2-ounce or 3-ounce bottle. Another option is with the 4-ounce Belt Kit that’s made to be strapped to your torso and discreetly lay under your shirt. The fetish urine belt is a prefilled bladder attached to a tube that goes under your pants for a more realistic feeling. The Belt Kit is just as easy to use – except it’s the bladder and its attachments that go into the microwave for ten seconds. 

Still Scared To Use Fetish Urine?

There is no need to be intimidated when using fetish pee, especially if you are using a reliable brand. It may not be talked about a lot since it doesn’t make good small talk…but fetish pee is used by millions every year and is more common that you’d think.

Be sure to keep your fetish pee up to temperature for a better experience. We provide an extra 5 packs of hand warmers in case you end up saving your fetish pee for another day! Or maybe you are traveling all day – simple switch out the handwarmers after every 5 hours! Shop around for the synthetic fetish urine products right for you. 

How To Conceal Fetish Urine

To hide your fetish urine effectively and efficiently and still have it on your body, consider these popular accessories! 

The Ankle Strap allows you to hide a two- or three-ounce bottle of fetish urine with the hand warmer attached. The ankle strap is durable and can be used repeatedly. Get more out of your Ankle Strap and use it at concerts or when you need to hide something important to avoid getting pickpocketed at large events!

The Leg Strap is just as effective as its smaller counterpart, except this one fits on your thigh. This may be preferred if you are a woman wearing a dress or want the bottle closer to a more reachable area. 

The last accessory to help transport fetish urine are the Briefs. They come in sizes from medium to extra, extra-large! These convenient briefs have a secret pocket for individuals to store their fetish urine inside. 

Have Anymore Questions or Concerns About Fetish Pee?

Give our customer service a call and they can help guide you through any issues you may be having related to synthetic urine! Call at 1-800-721-1414 or contact us now.